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Good animation bad sound, thats basicly what this was and also a preloader could have been nice

DibujitosWeones responds:

i dont know how to get a better sound in this page, can you tell me how pls?

My only real complaint is that it is mising a proper PLAY button, I like how this reminds somewhat of your brawl taunts animation, really nice and funny.

Tails doll muthafukas!!!!

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awersome game adicting and fun

kid i tought i liked you stuff i take it back grow up screamers suck pleash you got some skill dont do it ever again

why you people hating this kid is good this game was fun to play and preaty well made for a 12 year old this kid got talent hope to see more from you i like the style its simple but fun but kid a bit of advice on the internet when submiting things never do it for the money or at least dont say for some reason people hate this so a mistake was to tell everyone but gotta love your game good wrok

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love it so uplifting and joyfull yet at the same time depresing and sad, it gives me a feeling somewhere beetween happiness and sadness, i can imagine the battle happening , the lives being lost, the families being broken, yet the empty victory of wining the fight is still there, love it would use it for the purpose it is meant if i were not still a programmer and animator in self-training

Radiationator responds:

Thanks for the review! I love your description of the song, you did a better job than I could haha :D

love the whole thing from begining to end, i like the emotions it makes me feel, makes me imagine someone going trough the border of chaos and madnes, a place stuck in beetween, someone who can only handle the torment o the disaster that is yet to come, a machine yet to unleash it's force, sorry got carried there i just can't explain in words how much i love this song it gives me both courage and fear in one single moment, if i were to make a steampunk game i would use this song for sure

Really nice sounding track, it makes my soul happy, the only error is how the loop feels forced but everything else is perfect

MadMath responds:

Thanks ! Yeah, I agree about the end, it's a bit abrupt, I guess I didn't really think about an ending, or maybe I was short on inspiration !

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Really nice piece my only complaint is how the place where the robe is riped looks more like a really thick cobweb than rags of old riped cloth


awesome im mexican and that is tue in the auther comments by the way they made a animated series of it now and its hilarious

im a mexican and gonna practice flash

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